Buying the best kids bikes for your kids can be quite confusing but we are here to help. With a set of tips from the experts, we’ll help you make the right choice for the best kids bicycle in India for your little ones so they can enjoy cycling:

1.The first thing to do when buying a cycle for your child is to know about the available sizes. The best cycle for kids come in standard wheel sizes of 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 24”. Each of these wheel sizes corresponds to the height of the child and you can measure the inseam of the child to gauge the correct size.

2.The inseam corresponding to different wheel sizes for kids’ bikes are as follows: 12” wheel for 14-17” inseam’ 14” wheel for 16-20” inseam; 16” wheel for 18-22” inseam; 20” wheel for 22-25” inseam; 24” wheel for 24”-28” inseam. Remember, the inseam length and not the age of the child are important to determine the correct fit of the bike. This is especially important if you are buying the best kids bikes online.

3.Look for brands and cycles which afford greater stability and safety to the kids when they are riding a bike. When you are buying a bike for your kid, see if the frame make is steel or aluminium and if the joints are correct. Additionally, buy only from a brand which makes dedicated kids’ bikes instead of choosing an adult bike in a smaller size which will be difficult for your child to handle.

4.Check the brakes and the brake system in the bike you buy for your child. Young children, especially beginners to cycling, often have difficulty in adjusting to pulling the brakes and need softer brakes. If you are in a retail store, push the brake and see if you can press it with your little finger. If you can, then the brakes are suitable for a child.

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