Who says boys should have all the fun? If you plan on experiencing the thrill and adventure that comes from taking on the tough roads and obstacles that make mountain biking such an exciting sport but are a newbie to the experience, here is a basic guide for women in mountain biking to get you started:

1. It is important that you choose the best bikes for your foray into mountain biking. Mountain bikes are different from the best road bikes and have thicker tires for better stability on uneven terrain, sturdier frames and a more upright frame for straight riding. While there are few ladies bicycle in India with the MTB tag, you can choose a unisex model too, which will let you ride with as much ease.

2. According to the suspension type of the bike, there are different categories of mountain bikes made available by bike companies. Rigid bikes have no suspension and are easy to maintain but the comfort comes from the fat tires which absorb the shocks; hard tail bikes come with a front suspension fork but not in the rear and are ideal for almost all kinds of mountain trails; full suspension bikes are the best cycle for girl in India starting into mountain biking as the front and rear suspensions absorb all the shocks and make for a thrilling and comfortable ride.

3. For beginners, it is also advisable to start on flatter and smoother terrains before setting out on the advanced mountain biking trails. Avoid jumping onto the difficult trails in the beginning, even if you are riding the best ladies bicycle in India for mountain biking. Gradually progressing to more difficult terrain will prepare you for the challenges and obstacles you might encounter on subsequent rides, thus enabling you to experience greater ease in navigating even the toughest of trails.

4. Make sure you wear the appropriate clothing and safety gear for mountain riding. Shorts jerseys, gloves, helmets and knee and elbow pads are ideal.

5. It is important to carry a basic bike repair kit with you at all times. A small set that can be easily carried in a backpack or attached to the bike makes for the best addition. Make sure you also get well-versed in using them, at least at the basic level so you can keep moving on the road.

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