Cycling is an extremely beneficial activity for health and fitness for men and women alike. In recent times, more and more women are taking up cycling as a means to improve their overall health and fitness. While cycling does have a whole host of benefits for women, what must be factored in is that one must prepare one’s body to ride every day. Warming up and stretching, with regular workouts other than the cycling can ease the body for riding better and to feel the benefits of cycling better. Here are some tips for staying for riding a cycle:

1. Stretch: Regardless of whether you ride a ladies bicycle in India regularly or once in a while, it is important that you warm up and stretch before you head out on the ride. Do some basic stretching exercises covering the major muscle groups in the legs, core, and the upper body.

2. Get in a workout: Cycling is the best form of a cardiovascular workout but you also need to gain strength for fitness. Hence, if you are riding the best bicycle for girl in India also head to the gym for a strength training routine. Or just get some basic equipment and workout at home.

3. Vary the routine: When planning your weekly routine for riding a ladies bicycle, include different routines. Include some interval training, high intensity rides as well as low intensity rides which will allow for variety and give your body time to recover between workouts. If you are preparing for a race, then practice the race distance in the days before the race to get your body used to it.

4. Sleep right: If you ride the best ladies bicycle in India as a means to get fitter and stronger, then it is important that you also give your body adequate time to rest and recuperate with a good night’s sleep. Especially if you cycle intensively for a workout or are preparing for a race, it is important that you get in your 8 hours of deep sleep.

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