When it comes to biking on the best mountain bicycle in India, it goes without saying that the enthusiasts will never let any opportunity pass to experience the thrill. Many cyclists prefer to unwind over long-distance trips on their mountain bicycle, cross over tough obstacles, exploring the terrain and enjoying themselves. But planning, and executing, a long-distance cycling trip takes work. So here is a set of tips to help you plan the journey and strategies beforehand for a smooth ride:

1.Determine how long you want the proposed trip to be. Then work on the schedules and overnight stays, if required. If it is a long trail, plan and schedule your breaks at strategic intervals. Also, plan on provisions you’ll carry on yourself and what can be purchased on the road. Carry a map and GPS device which will come in handy in keeping you on the right course.

2.Before you set out on the actual trip, get in a few practice runs beforehand to get adjusted to the distance you will need to cycle. For a few weeks before the actual journey, practice cycling for short distances and build up strength and resistance for the complete journey. Practice at least two-thirds of the distance you plan to cover in the day which will get you in shape physically as well as mentally for the actual trip.

3.Packing for the trip must be done right to ensure that you are adequately stocked up on provisions and don’t need to keep stopping along the way. Adequate water and high energy foods are a must. Also, plan on how you will carry all the gear and provisions, including the water. Get the right saddlebag or carry case which can be easily mounted on the bike and doesn’t shift during the journey. Keep a first aid kit handy for any mishaps that may occur.

4.It is also important to keep a daily schedule of warming up and stretching for the trip. Visit a doctor if necessary and get a fitness check. Hydrate yourself thoroughly in the days before the trip and practice pedalling and shifting gears. Keep an eye out for signs of stress and fatigue and work on remedying them.

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