If you are an avid cyclist who likes to ride both city roads and dirt trails, then a hybrid bike is just the right one for you. With its combination of features that bring the best of an MTB, a road bike and a commuter bike, a hybrid cycle offers multiple advantages. You can take long rides on the hybrid or make short commutes. If you are planning to head out on a leisurely ride on your hybrid bike over the weekend, here are three essential points to keep in mind:

1. Check your bike before you start. While regular maintenance of your bike is an important step in ensuring effortless rides, a day before you hit out on a long ride on your hybrid bike, you must check the bike thoroughly for any inadvertent faults. Inspect the tires and wheels carefully to ensure there are no sharp objects stuck on them. Check that all nuts and bolts are screwed on tightly.

2. Get all your things in hand to take along. If you are going on a long ride, it is recommended that you carry essential items like a repair kit, a patch kit, drinks for hydration and some light food if you want. You can carry all these items in a backpack or in a saddle pack attached to your bike itself. Your hybrid bike will have a pannier or a carrier rack where you can easily take along all that you need for the ride.

3. Remember all the safety instructions. Make sure you follow the proper safety instructions. Wear the right clothing for the ride in accordance with the weather and also put on a helmet that fits securely. If you are riding the best hybrid bicycle in India in low weather conditions, put on a jacket with reflective patches and also fit lights on your bike so you are visible to other commuters on the route. Be sure to follow the rules of the trail and do not overspeed or try to overtake other riders without giving the proper signals.

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