Riding the best hybrid bicycle in India has it own set of perks. To be riding a bike which is easy to sail along the paved and smooth roads of the city and will also do well navigating the tough trails like dirt tracks and mountain trails. But if you are planning to take your hybrid bike on a spin, be sure to follow these dos and don’ts which will help ensure that you have a safe and comfortable ride:

1. While eating before a ride is always a good idea, don’t pile on foods heavy on fat and fibre before a ride. You’ll only feel fuller and sluggish.

2. Hydration is good for cyclists. Instead of chugging on a litre-full before a ride, carry along a bottle in your backpack or cycle carrier. Sip periodically, and slowly during the ride, which will keep you hydrated, especially when you are out for a long ride.

3. Whether you are setting out for your daily commute or for a long tour on your hybrid bike, make sure you go out with all your things. Leaving without checking your gear is a fundamental and unforgiving mistake for a cyclist. Check all the boxes before you set out so you have all your essentials with you on the ride.

4. It will do you good to carry out some mild stretching before setting out on a ride, especially if you are planning to take a long ride or if you are heading out on a ride after a long time. Stretching’s good for sore muscles but instead of static stretching, spend a few relaxed minutes preparing your body before cycling.

5. Always follow the road rules and speed limits on the road when riding your bike. Speed warnings are not just for car and bike riders. The same rule applies to cyclists too – don’t ride too fast; it may cause accidents. Also, remember to use the hand signals in appropriate places so you do not obstruct other traffic on the road and make your way to your destination in your own time.

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