Cycling has long been touted as an activity that can bring holistic health and fitness for those who take it up. And now, more than ever, women too are taking to this activity, riding the best ladies bicycle in India, looking for fitness and leisure, and also to get about on their way when it comes to commuting to places. Riding the best bicycle for girl in India sure does have its benefits, but to make the most of them, it is important that you choose a bike which has the right specifications and features. When choosing a ladies bicycle in India, make sure you lookout for the following three features which will make every ride comfortable:

1. Comfortable seat: For a ladies cycle, a comfortable seat is one of the most important features to take into account. Many factors affect the comfort level, such as the time or duration you are going to be riding the bike, the preference of cushion, etc. Since women tend to have wider sit bones, it is important to choose a seat or saddle which is wider in the back, allowing for easy positioning when riding the bike.

2. Comfortable grip: Whether you are an adventure rider or a leisure rider, look for a bike with a comfortable grip. This is especially important to maintain control of the bike for linger distances. A comfortable grip on the handlebar will keep you from straining yourself when riding and ensure you are able to ride smoothly.

3. Step-through frames: Unlike the standard bikes for men, ladies bicycles are usually designed with what are called step-through frames, which means that there is no horizontal top tube. This is to ensure that women can step on and get off the bike with ease. While this is not a necessary feature, you might want to explore this if you are someone who is new to cycling or resuming cycling after a long time and is apprehensive about falling off.

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