In the past couple of years, as people looked for new activities to get back on the fitness track, one activity which has come back into the spotlight is cycling. More and more people are taking up this activity which can be enjoyed solo as well as part of groups. Among urban citizens, this phenomenon is particularly witnessing the comeback of road bicycling. Increasingly, fitness enthusiasts are reclaiming their bicycles and taking to the roads for leisure, fitness and adventure.

The demand for a road bicycle surge has especially surged in the aftermath of people being forced to stay indoors and to look for ventures which would allow them to move about alone. Riding the best road bikes on the weekends, overtaking the challenges thrown up by the busy city landscape, cyclists have made the paved roads their own, exploring the city they live in and even embarking on long tours as they explored new spaces by themselves, all the while enjoying the openness that comes from riding a bicycle.

For those who prefer a more vigorous form of activity other than walking, riding a road bike came as a boost for health and fitness goals. This was especially so as the access to gyms and health centres became restricted. Owning and riding a road cycle became an activity people could do with greater ease and without worrying about safety and hygiene. Early in the mornings, late in the evenings – cycling on the best road bikes has become an activity fitness enthusiasts are taking up with fervour.

The resurgence of road cycling also picked up in light of the return to workspaces and as people returned to their routine way of life, they began to look for greener ways to commute, choosing the more sustainable form – cycling. The road bicycle has become the commute of choice for many avid cyclists who are braving the elements and the traffic to get more done in their day, using their commute time to also fit in a cardio workout.

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