When it comes to buying a bicycle, one is faced with many options. There are the adventurous MTB bikes, the long -istance touring bikes, and of course the high-speed road bikes. There are, of course, more variants, but these three categories tend to take the cake when it comes to popularity. A road bike is, as the name aptly states, designed to ride on the smooth and paved routes in urban areas. A road bicycle is ideal for high speed riding, and is often also used for competitive racing. If you are planning to buy a cycle, here is a concise guide to help you choose the best road bikes:

1.Look for a lightweight frame. Since the road bike is supposed to allow for lightweight riding, it only makes sense that the frame does not add to the weight and hinder your ride. Additionally, the other components of the bike must also be equally light. Your riding style will also determine the choice of frame material. Choose an aluminium frame if you tend to ride fast just for fun, but if you are a racer or are looking for a bike to race, carbon frames are ideal for you.

2.Choose a drop handlebar. While most bikes come with flat handlebars, it is recommended that when buying a road bike, you should choose a drop handlebar. This allows for a riding position more suited aerodynamically to the higher speed that the bike is designed for.

3.Look for the right crankset: When it comes to the gear system of a road bike, there are different options you can choose from. The choice of gearset, however, will depend on whether you are a new rider, or a seasoned one as well as on the terrain you most often ride.

4.Choose narrower wheels. The simple rule in choosing a road bike wheelset is narrower the wheels, better the speed. While all bikes will come with a standard set of wheels, you can upgrade to a better set which are more lightweight but reliable.

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