Are you all set to take a spin on the best mountain bicycle in India you bought for yourself and experience the thrill and adventure? The best MTB bikes in India need the right care and maintenance to ensure that their riders are able to enjoy the toughest of terrains without any hassles on any tour or trip they make. For this, it is important to carry out a pre-ride inspection of your MTB bike. How to go about it? We’ve got you covered with this handy guide:

1.Check the ABC: Here, A stands for air, B stands for brakes and C stands for the chain. Make sure each of these elements is in proper working condition before you undertake a ride as any problems with any of these can put a brake on your ride. Inflate the tires properly to optimum air pressure levels and look for any cracks or wear and tear on the walls of the tires. Then, squeeze the brakes to make sure they engage properly and smoothly. Lastly, lubricate the chain and check for any possible cracks or breaks and repair them before you head out on a ride.

2.Check the saddle height and position before you start off on a mountain bike ride. The saddle height should be just right to ensure that when you bend your knee when pedaling, your knee is positioned at 6 o’clock direction. If this is not the case, adjust the saddle accordingly. Also tilt the saddle forwards or backwards depending on your riding preference.

3.Make sure to check that the rims of the wheels on your MTB bike are straight when you spin the wheels. If they are wobbly, carry out a quick repair on your own or take your cycle to a repair shop.

4.Check the gears for easy shifting between different gears. The shift from one gear from another should be smooth for easy maneuvering on the mountain trails. If there are any obstructions to this, adjust the shifting to ensure that the chain does not jump.

5.Also check the frame of your MTB bike for any loose joints or cracks. This can cause problems on the tough off road trails on a mountain trail and are best fixed before starting a ride.

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