Women’s cycling has taken off in India and how. Increasingly, more women can be seen riding a cycle on the roads and even on off road trails, balancing fitness, fun, leisure and commute too. While there are different models of cycles for women, the road cycle has become a preferred one, as women are taking up road cycling to get to places and pack in a workout too. If you too wish to buy a ladies’ road bike, then here is a simple guide to help you along:

1. While there is generally no significant difference between road bikes for men and a ladies bicycle in India, you can look for specific models that have been designed by brands for female riders. In such a case, look for a bicycle which has a smaller frame which will typically have a shorter top tube and a taller head tube. This allows for upright riding, which is a style most women cyclists are comfortable with.

2. When selecting the best bicycle for girl in India for commute, make sure that the road bike you choose has a smaller handlebar. Since women tend to have smaller shoulders on average, this is a feature that makes riding easier even over long distances without causing the rider to hunch over and be inconvenienced.

3. Check for the features and specifications being offered when selecting the best ladies bicycle in India for road cycling. If you are going to be using your bike for commuting, then look for a bike with a carrier rack or a basket which will allow you to carry your things easily. If you tend to ride in wet weather, often crossing muddy path, then road bikes with mud guards are the right choice for you.

4. If you are comfortable with any frame or bike, then you can also explore the unisex models in road bikes that are offered by some of the leading cycle manufacturers in India. You can also get the dealer to customize parts for you to suit your requirements.

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