One of the fun activities for children of all ages most certainly has to be cycling. Apart from the fun, cycling also brings great benefits for the health and fitness of children, giving them good cardio exercise while also boosting their mental well-being and overall health. But when you teach your children how to ride a cycle, apart from teaching them the basics of manoeuvring their bicycle, you also need to teach them to how to ride safely. For this, also educate your children about the basic safety rules for riding on their cycles. Don’t know where to get started? Read on to know about the things you should teach them:

1. Wearing their safety gear: One of the fundamental rules you need to teach your children when you teach them cycling is to always start with their safety gear – helmet, reflective clothing, and elbow and knee pads. The helmet must be a fundamental part of their gear when stepping out. When you buy the best kids bicycle in India, you must also buy an appropriate helmet that hits your child properly.

2. Riding on the cycling track: Children must always know that when they are riding the best cycle for kids, they must avoid the main roads where they can and ride only on the cycling tracks. In case the tracks are absent in your cities, they must only ride on the road and not the pedestrian paths. They must learn never to ride too close to a vehicle and keep their distance.

3. Following the traffic rules: If you have older children riding the best cycle for boys and girls to school, it is also advisable that you teach them how to follow the traffic rules on the road. They must know when to cross the roads, when to stop, and also to read the indications on the traffic lights.

4. Teach them basic hand signals: All commuters on the road must adhere to some basic hand signals to indicate to others on the road of their presence and intent to change tracks or turn on the road. There are basic hand signals followed by all commuters on the road which your children must also follow to ensure that they ride safely.

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