When it comes to teaching kids to ride a bicycle for kids, parents take recourse to many measures. In the early days, training wheels attached to the best kids bike is meant to instill confidence and teach children to balance the bike without fear of falling. However, one must wean off kids from the training wheels in a short duration in order to ensure that they are able to ride with confidence on their two wheels. If you intend to teach your kids to ride the best kids bicycle in India without training wheels, here are a few tips to help you along:

1.The first thing to do is help your child learn to balance the bike without the training wheels. Since the child will have become used to balancing with the trainers, it will take them some time to balance but you can help them wean off by using methods such as spot pedalling.

2.Find the right location to help your child practice riding without the training wheels. Since the child will need to find their feet for the first time without the wheels, it would be ideal that you choose a location where they are able to take their time without fear of falling. Avoid open roads and try parking lots or your own yard.

3.Teach your kids to brake properly first. This is especially important for the child to be able to maintain their balance when they ride without training wheels. Learning to hit the brakes properly will instill in them the confidence that they are in control over their bike and help them ride better.

4.Most importantly, be patient with your kid. Understand that they need some time to get used to the idea of riding a bike without the training wheels so give them the time they need. Don’t puh them too hard and give them the time they need to wean off the habit of riding with support. When you can, ride alongside them so they will be more confident and learn from watching you.

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