For those who love the outdoors, a trip on a mountain bike is the perfect way to spend a holiday. With the promise of adventure and the boundless beauty of nature, mountain biking has become the preferred activity for thrill-seekers. However, planning for a trip on a mountain bicycle requires meticulous consideration, and to make the most of your trip, follow these steps:

1.First, decide if you want to go on a solo trip or a group trip. Planning for a group trip will involve many large-scale considerations and you will need to accommodate the needs of each person on the group.

2.Then, decide if you want to take a short day-long trip or a weekend trip or a long trip which will span a week or longer with more overnight stoppages along the way. The number of people going for the trip will also determine this as each person might have different considerations and you will want to accommodate maximum requests.

3.Start planning the route and the destination as well as the stops you will make on the route. Layout the entire trail on a map so you have a clear idea of all routes. Do check if you will need permits for riding on select trails and try to lay out the route on public trails as far as possible.

4.Lay out the financial costs which will be involved for the trip. In this include the cost of accommodation, food, any additional transportation, and permit costs if applicable. If you are riding in a group, divide up the costs equally. You may also take along additional money for any shopping you might want to do personally.

5.Before taking the actual trip, start training for riding on the tour on your mountain bike. Training will ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared to complete the trip. Begin with short distances on a nearby trail and by the time you get close to the actual trip, start increasing the distance so you can improve your stamina.

6.Make sure you pack right for your trip. Depending on the length of your trip, you will need clothing, repair kit, food packs and water or drinks, and accessories and cash or traveller’s checks. Do remember to pack light and not be encumbered by a big load since you will be the one who has to bear all the brunt while riding.

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