Are you a cycling enthusiast and want to make sure that there are absolutely no hindrances to your riding experiences when you step out on the roads on your road bike? Riding the best road bikes on the smooth and paved streets of the city is an experience which can be enjoyed if done right. Whether you are riding for health and fitness or commuting on your road cycle, here’s how you can make the most of your cycle rides:

1.The first thing to do is to choose the right road cycle. Make sure that you choose a model that fits you properly and you are able to reach the pedals comfortably when you are seated on the saddle. Look for specifications like a lightweight frame, skinny wheels and drop handlebars which are must for a road bike to traverse the smooth roads of the city.

2.Wear the right gear when embarking on road cycling. Ideally, loose shirts and jerseys with zippers allow better ventilation when riding and gloves with padding keep hands from feeling the pressure when riding. Additionally, invest in good shoes so that you can pedal comfortably. If you are commuting to work on your road bike, decide if you want to change in the office or wear your work clothes when you cycle and layer up with a jacket accordingly.

3.Since road cycling is done on roads and often in the middle of traffic, it is always advised to wear a good quality helmet. If you are new to road cycling, invest in knee and elbow pads to avoid scrapes in case of accidents. To make your presence known to other commuters on the road, fit a bell and reflector lights on your bike too, especially when commuting in the evenings or nights.

4.A small basic tool and repair kit will always come handy when you are riding a road bike on a daily basis. Carry a small set of all-purpose tool in your backpack or find a set that can be easily attached or clipped to the bike frame.

5.Also learn about the gears and brakes on your bike so that you have better control over the riding experience and shift speeds and gears efficiently. Make sure to always keep your eyes on the road and avoid sudden braking.

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