Are you new to cycling and want to choose a cycle which will allow you to commute to work easily? Cycles have become the preferred mode of commute for more and more people and you too want to join the bandwagon, then you also need to start with the right cycle. For every beginner to cycling commutes, a great choice is a road cycle. The road bike is designed to easily tread the smooth and paved roads of the city, making it the top choice of commuters. If you too are a beginner, then here is a brief outline of the specifications of a road bike that you must know about:

1. When it comes to the frame material of the road bike, one can choose from aluminum or carbon fibre frames, both known for their dynamic low weight yet higher efficiency. However, carbon fibre frames can be quite expensive but worth the value for money.

2. The frame design of a road bike can vary depending on focus on performance or commuting. Performance road bikes have a more sports-oriented design that allow for greater aerodynamism as compared to commuting bikes which are designed to allow for greater comfort to the rider. Hence, performance bikes come with a Y-shaped frame while commute bikes come with flat bars.

3. The ideal handlebar for a road bike is a drop or a curled bar. This is ideal for high-speed riding as it creates an aerodynamic position for the rider who has to bend against the air to ride the bike at higher speed.

4. Road bikes do not have suspension either in the front or the back. This is because road bikes are ridden on paved paths and do not have any bumps or uneven stretches, which obliterates the need for suspension, thereby also making the bike much lighter.

5. The wheels and tires on a road bike are narrower as compared to other cycles. This too is done to reduce the overall weight of the cycle and enable high speed riding. Nowadays, however, road bikes are also being offered with slightly wider tires to impart better balance and stability to the rider.

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