There is nothing quite like the feeling of cruising on your bicycle on the best paved roads in the city. Whether you are riding for leisure or carrying on for your daily commute to work or simply running errands, riding a road cycle through the city brings its own kind of rush. But if you are new to road cycling and want to experience the joys of riding a road cycle, then we have some great tips to help you navigate your way smoothly through the city on your bike:

1. If you are riding a road bike with gears, it is important to know what gear is used for what purpose. Front gears are usually for making the big shifts in speed when there is transition to empty roads. The back gears will provide the support and make pedalling easier.

2. Knowing when to brake is the most important part of cycling safely through the city on the best road bikes. Especially if you ride a bike without gears, knowing when to and how to use the brakes is significant. It is important to use both brakes evenly for a smooth slow down, and the front brake must be handled with care and not slammed on too abruptly. Though moderating the speed before applying the brakes is a much better idea but if you need to make a sudden stop, apply equal pressure on both brakes.

3. When riding a road bicycle, always keep your eye on the road ahead as this will help you shift speeds and shift to the lane you want to with greater ease. Bikes can squeeze into the smallest of spaces but you do want to avoid scrapes with other transporters, hence be careful about your speed and the way.

4. When going into a turn, don’t forget the golden rule of looking before you go. Avoid taking your bike to the middle when taking a turn and keep to the side you are going on; this will keep you from getting in the way of any other vehicle coming from the other side.

5. Most importantly, even though you are riding through the city, it is important to have all the safety gear on. Wear a sturdy helmet and if you can, also wear the knee and elbow pads.

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