Planning to take a trip on your mountain cycle for the very first time? The thrill of the terrain might excite you no end but you also need to know about the basics of planning the best trip. Not only do you need to get the right bike, but also the right gear to make sure that you have a safe and fun trip. Here’s a checklist of the essential and spare items you will need to pack before setting out to for a mountain biking trip:

1. First things first – a good bike is what will ensure that your biking experience is one to remember. And this does not merely mean buying the best mountain bikes. While there are a host of different models of mountain bikes available and you need to find one that fits you just right, you also need to ensure that your bike is in top shape before you head out for a trip. Check all parts of the bike carefully, and if necessary, take it to a repair technician for a professional tune-up.

2. Safety is extremely important when you set out on a mountain biking trip. Make sure to invest in a sturdy helmet and other safety gear. If the trail you plan on exploring is a difficult one, it won’t hurt to don additional safety gear like knee and elbow pads.

3. Core gear for a long trip on an MTB bike will include such essentials like a hydration kit which will include water and any other hydrating drink of your choice. Eye protection, sunscreen, gloves and a first aid kit are some other essentials you will need. Also, find a suitable backpack or holder to carry your gear in.

4. Mountain biking trails are tricky and you might find yourself facing the prospect of a bike repair at times. For times like these, invest in a small repair kit for an MTB cycle. Make sure that it includes such items as spare tubes and/or a patch kit, a compact pump, tire levers and a multi-tool with wrenches.

5. Additional items for a mountain bike kit can be personalized to include towels, warm clothing, snacks, cello tape for small repairs, etc. Add things depending on what you need and what you can carry.

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