If you are an avid mountain biker, then you will probably have taken on the challenge of riding over the toughest trails. But if you intend to take things a notch higher, you’ll want to take part in a race. Not everyone can simply decide to hop on their bikes and participate in any race they want to. It takes a lot of preparation and resilience, especially or beginners. If you are preparing for your very first race, we recommend you take a read below to find some great tips to get going for your very first mountain bike race:

1.    Fitness is important. No matter the distance of the race, a healthy and sound constitution will help you go a long way in comfortably amping up the speed you want for completing the race and keep you from getting fatigued. Learn effective warm up techniques, build resistance and strength to prepare for racing on the best mountain bicycle in India.

2.    It is important to know the basics and rules of cycle racing on the best MTB bicycle in India. Read up on racing events and watch live events. Learn more about the different types of racing like road, stage, time trials and criterium. Tips from pros and experts will help you in your own preparation and also help you learn more about tactics, strategies, goal-setting, techniques etc.

3.    Training prior to the race hold the key to effective participation in the actual event. Begin with base training on the best MTB bikes in India and build up your routine to practice the entire race distance and route over time. Consistency is key so keep practicing on a routine till the final day arrives.

4.    Keep your bike in top shape for the race. All the practice and training will also take a toll on the bike itself so give it a thorough check before embarking on any race. Carry the essential tools with you for unforeseen mishaps. The basic toolset is easily available from the best MTB brands in India.

5.    Planning how to tackle the entire distance of the race is what every professional cyclist swears by and should serve as a golden rule even with beginners. Learn where to keep during different stages of the race and how to vary speed to ensure you have enough strength to spurt ahead during the finishing stages.

Before you get set for your first mountain biking race, get yourself the best MTB from Kross Bikes, one of the leading cycle brands in the country.