If you are planning to get your kids started on a bicycle for kids or need to get them an upgrade because they have outgrown their old bike, it is a good idea to have done the proper research. Contrary to what you might think, it does take some careful thought to ensure that you buy your kids the best cycle for boy and girl so that they can enjoy their cycle riding experience. There are 4 important factors you must keep in mind when buying a kids cycle online or in-store:

1.Your child’s age: The age of your child is one of the significant factors to keep in mind when buying them a cycle. For toddlers, tricycles are the safest choice as kids in that age group only need the cycle for leisure purposes. For older kids, about 5 years and above, buying balance bikes are a good way to get them started off. For teenagers, you might want to consider the regular kids’ bikes which are meant for more experienced kids.

2.Height of the child: The height of your child is perhaps the overriding factor to consider when selecting a children’s bike. This factor is something which will come in handy whether you are buying the bike in store or online, from the bike website.

3.For what purpose will the child ride the bike: If your kid is going to be riding the cycle for a trip around the block with their friends or commuting to school on it, you can buy a standard kids’ bike for them which comes with the right safety specifications. If your child is older and enjoys adventure biking, you can also choose to buy them a specialist cycle such as a mountain bike or a cross country bike depending on what they like.

4.Experience of riding a bike: Whether your kid is new to cycling, is about to learn how to cycle or an expert at riding a cycle on their own and can even take on challenging trails is also something that will determine the choice of cycle for them. Balance bikes are a good idea for kids just learning to ride a bike or those new to cycling. Experienced kids can ride regular bikes with the abovementioned criteria.

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