Finding time to bond with family is getting increasingly difficult these days. With everyone busy on their phones or other electrical equipment, there’s less time left for enjoying together as a family. One great way to get out of the house and do something fun as a family is to take upcycling. A small trip on a cycle to a park for a picnic or a long tour is great for family bonding. Cycling is not only good for health and fitness but also keeps everyone involved. If you plan to get together and cycle as a family, here are some points to keep in mind:

1. First, get everyone the right bike for the trips. Depending on where you will be riding most, choose the bike type. For paved tracks or smooth roads, choose the best road bikes. You will also need to look into a road bicycle for kids if you have young ones in the family.

2. If you have never taken cycling trips together as a family, for the first trip, plan a ride over a short distance that is easy for every single member. Not everyone in the family might have the same strength and stamina for cycling on a road bicycle over long distances so begin with a small trip over a short distance on a simple route. Eventually, as you make cycling trips a regular part of your bonding time, you can increase the distance.

3. Plan the route you want to cycle on in advance. Carry a navigation device with you or a paper map with your route chalked out so you don’t stray and can also avoid traffic (if you are using a navigation device). Look for cycle tracks and plan routes that make maximum use of these.

4. Prepare for your family trip. Make sure everyone has their safety gear, small knapsacks for refreshments and liquids, a small toolbox, first aid kit and maps.

5. To increase the family time spent on cycling, involve everyone. Choose a place everyone wants to go; determine the pace according to the slowest member; keep encouraging constantly; take pictures; laugh more and talk more. Since the whole point of the cycling trip is to have fun with your family, keep spirits high.

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