The history of women and cycling in India is a chequered one. Nearly seven decades after it was first invented, the bicycle made its way to India and ever since, women too accepted this contraption as a form of commute. Cycles became a common phenomenon on the streets of India and women were among the earliest riders too. Popular culture, particularly the cinema, made cycling popular for women in the later decades. Women could be found riding cycles around their homes, in public spaces, and even while heading to schools and colleges or work. Even today, women across age groups ride bicycles everywhere, overcoming the odds to choose a ride which brings them the experience of leisure and functionality with fitness. Let us take a look at some of the challenges women cyclists have to face:

1. Lack of choices: One of the biggest challenges in the way of avid women cyclists is the lack of options in terms of great cycles. Very few brands offer dedicated ladies bicycle in India, which limits women’s choices. Those keen on turning professional or looking for high-end cycles with innovative specifications find it difficult to choose a cycle which has been designed keeping in mind the riding needs and requirements of female cyclists.

2. Safety and facilities on the road: Another major hurdle for women on the best bicycle for girl in India concerns the lack of safety on the road and the availability of proper facilities. This is a concern that has been raised by all cyclists in general, especially with regards to the lack of dedicated cycling tracks in the country, which forces cyclists to ride on the roads and often alongside heavy vehicular traffic.

3. Awareness: Lack of awareness is another challenge that women face when it comes to riding the best ladies bicycle in India. There are fewer groups of women cyclists and this also spills over into dedicated events for women cyclists. Lack of proper gear for women cyclists and associated challenges have often gotten in the way of women cyclists who have made the best of the available solutions to make their mark in the world of cycling.

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