Increasingly, more and more women are taking to cycling as a form of cardio. From steady-state workouts to daily fitness rides, cycling has become a preferred activity to burn those calories and get in shape too. If you are looking for a complete body workout, then choose cycling as it targets several muscle groups from all over the body. Let us learn a little more about the different muscles that are worked on when women ride a cycle:

1. Soleus and gastrocnemius in the calves: Cycling targets the muscles in the lower body and the calf muscles help push the pedals, getting worked upon in the bargain when you ride a ladies bicycle in India.

2. Hamstrings and quadriceps in the thighs: With the forward pedalling motion of riding the best girls bicycle in India, the thigh muscles are also activated. The hamstrings allow the knees to bend during pedalling. Quadriceps are the muscles on the front and sides of the thighs and these are adequately exercised when cycling, especially on uphill tracks.

3. Gluteal muscles: The buttock muscles are also given a strong workout when cycling over a long distance. The three muscle groups in the gluteal group work together with the hips to rotate the thighs during the motion on the body. If you are riding standing up, the motion of pedalling further strengthens the gluteal muscles.

4. The core: Apart from the muscles in the lower body, the most prominent group of muscles to be targeted during cycling is the core. This includes the abs and the back muscles as well. The ab muscles allow for strong pedalling action while also reducing the pressure on the lower back. The back and spine muscles are toned due to the action of keeping balance during the ride which is of essence in riding well.

5. Biceps and triceps in the arms and deltoids in the shoulders: The muscles in the arm too get a good workout when you are riding the best ladies bicycle in India. Particularly if you are changing positions during rides, shifting between riding standing up and sitting down, or riding on uphill terrain, the focus will be on the arm muscles, the biceps and the triceps, as well as the deltoids in the shoulders which will feel the load and be worked upon during the cycling activity.

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