Bike lovers adore them and professionals swear by them; mountain bikes are in a class of their own. They are the ATVs of the bicycle world, ready to take on whatever terrain they meet. Action packed getaways become a reality with sturdy, reliable and high performance best MTB bikes in India from Kross. Not restricted to just riding in the mountains, they are tougher built bikes that are off-roading ready. Stronger, smoother, feature rich, with wider tyres for better grip and with gears, they allow you to make way where no one has gone before. So, when choosing Mountain Terrain Bikes in India, what should you take into consideration. Here are some tips from Kross that will make your choice easier.

Suit your purpose

To decide where the bike is meant be used is the first thing to consider to make the right choice.

There are 5 main kinds of bikes — Fat Bikes, Trail Bikes, Cross-country Bikes, All Mountain Bikes and Downhill Bikes. For unpaved paths with gradient, Trail Bikes are the best choice. They are lighter, nimble and comfortable, with front and full suspension. If you are into competitive biking, the Cross Country or XC Bike is your best bet. Best for flatter trails, the focus of this lithe bike with front suspension is on speed and durability.

With Availability of Fat Bike in India, those looking to bike on snow, sand or mud, a Fat Bike would come in handy. As the name suggests, it has broad tyres for reduced ground pressure. These aim to provide good traction. For those who carry their bike around to varied areas, an All Mountain Bike would be best. It performs well in every terrain and is quite like a Trail Bike, with stronger brakes and wider tyres. When riding downhill, you need more control and comfort and that is exactly what a Downhill Bike offers with full suspension.