The adventure and thrill that comes from riding a mountain bike on the off-road trail perhaps has no parallel for a cyclist. Planning a mountain bike trip for a solo ride or with friends has its own sense of enthusiasm. And then comes the riding.Your trip is bound to be a great one if you have planned right. But another aspect of taking a trip on your mountain cycle, which often gets ignored is the proper etiquette for cycling on the trail. Yes, you read it right – there is an etiquette which you must follow, for the sake of the natural surroundings, for other riders on the road, and for an enjoyable ride for you too. As a new or a seasoned mountain biker, here is the trail etiquette spelled out for you:

  1.  Stick to the proper trails when setting out on your mountain bike. There are several public and private trails for cyclists throughout the world which you can explore. Some of these are unrestrictedly open for all cyclists while others might require you to pay a fee. Plan ahead and seek permission from the land manager or owner if you require it. However, strictly avoid closed trails and trespassing on property and also through wildlife parks and sanctuaries unless permitted to do so.

  2. When riding on a trail on your mountain cycle, strictly follow clean and green norms. Do not litter the trail. And this includes plastic waste, food packaging, and also mud splattering if riding on muddy routes. This can create unnecessary problems for other riders who might be taking the same trail after you.

  3. Stick to the speed limits when riding on a trail. You might be tempted to try out stunts on the trail but do so within limits and on isolated stretches where you do not get in the way of other riders. Avoid riding at extremely high speeds on slippery tracts to prevent injury to yourself.

  4. The trail is not your alone to ride through and you must respect the right of way of other riders as well. Those riding uphill always have first right on the trail, especially if you are going downhill. Use hand signals and indicators when looking to pass someone or change lanes.

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