Getting ready to set out on a long trip on your mountain bike? As much as you need to be prepared to ride on the tough terrain, you also need to pack the essentials so you can make it to your destination with effortless ease. Here’s a handy guide on what to pack for a long ride on your mountain bike for the best and the worst case scenarios:

1.Spare tubes: Given the challenges of the off road terrains in mountain biking, it is always advisable to carry a pair of spare tubes for your tires.

2.Patch kit: A small and handy patch kit will serve you well on the trail when you need to make small repairs to your tires by yourself. A patch kit is small in dimensions and has a glueless patch set which can be used to make temporary repairs on the trail.

3.Portable pump: Rather than looking for a repair shop to fill air in your bike tires, carry a small portable pump in your backpack for a long ride.

4.Multi-tool: A small and portable multi-tool set is just what you need on the road for small repairs. Make sure it has a set of wrenches and screw drivers.

5.Chain lubricant: The bike chain can get warped with wear and tear and might tighten up. To ease the chain, you’ll need lubricant, which is a must in your tour pack.

6.Sunscreen: This might sound frivolous but a sunscreen is must on the trail when you are going for a long ride. This will keep your skin protected against sunburn even when it is too hot and sunny.

7.Rain Jacket: You must always be prepared for inclement weather when travelling long distance on your mountain bike. Pack a light but reliable rain jacket in your pack which you can wear when required.

8.First aid kit: A handy box with first aid supplies is a must to take along on your long ride on the mountain trail so you can treat any wounds or minor injuries.

9.Headlights: Small and powerful headlights operated by batteries are important to carry along if you plan to ride through the evenings and nights.

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