If adventure is what you seek, and are an enthusiastic cyclist, taking your experience to the next level with a spot of mountain biking is just what you need. The thrill and adrenalin rush that comes from riding a bike on the tough and rough terrains of the hills along winding curves and reaching the peak has no parallel. But in order to become an accomplished rider of mountainous trails on a mountain bike, you will first need to prepare yourself to take on the challenges of this advanced level of biking. So, here is a handy guide you can look at to get you started before you take a mountain biking trip:

  1. First thing, you need the best mountain bike to get started. There are several great options from top makers of best mountain bikes but you will need to choose the one most suited to the terrain you intend to cover, with adequate shock absorption, better suspension, and sturdy frame. If you are unsure about the right bike, ask for a test ride to get a feel of the bike before you settle on one.
  2. Plan your route before you set out for a trip on your mountain bike. Choose a trail that you can ride with ease and also have fun exploring. This is also essential so that you can become familiar with the route and can also prepare your GPS accordingly. You will also need to be aware of closed or restricted routes beforehand so you can plan detours.
  3. Keep a tool kit handy at all times regardless of whether you are taking a short trip or a long one. This way, you will be prepared to make minor repairs by yourself on the road. A portable pump, big and small wrench, torque wrench and a set of screw drivers are a must for your tool kit.
  4. Make sure you are wearing the right gear when hitting out on a trip. Depending on the duration of the trip, the weather conditions and your personal preference, choose clothing that will make you feel comfortable and protect you against inclement weather. Of foremost importance however, is your safety gear which must include a sturdy helmet, gloves, and elbow and knee pads.

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