Are you a woman who is riding her bike for the very first time? There is lots in store for you, right from improved health and fitness to an eco-friendly mode of transport. Here we bring to you the top 15 tips for women cyclists riding a ladies bicycle in India for the first time from leading experts to make your biking experience a great one:

  1. Make sure the bike saddle you choose is an apt fit. While a good ladies bicycle in India will have a decent seat already fitted on the bike, you can also get a different one from a store according to your convenience and comfort.
  2. If you are just starting to cycle or are resuming it after a considerable amount of time, get back on your feet with trial runs on grassy stretches. This will help you improve your balance and improve your riding experience.  
  3. Check the tire pressure. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that higher pressure in your tires will make your bike easier to ride. On the contrary, letting out some pressure will help you gain better traction and control the bike better too.
  4. Wear gloves and helmet when setting out on a bike ride. These will protect you against hazards and accidents.
  5. Don’t get all rigid when riding the bike. Remember to keep your body loose and flexible so you are able to better control your bike.
  6. Ride at a comfortable pace. You are not competing with anyone on a casual ride so you don’t have to make yourself uncomfortable and push on at high speeds when you can’t keep up.
  7. Do follow all the traffic rules and keep an eye firmly on the road to avoid vehicles coming in the wrong direction. Especially when making a turn, look in all directions carefully.
  8. Learn to make basic repairs on your own. If you are riding on your own, a handy tool kit and basic skills will allow you to make the repair quickly and get on your way quickly.
  9. Hydrate at all times. This is important to keep your body fuelled on the track and will keep you energized. You can also carry energy bars if you are going on a long ride.

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