Are you gearing up to bring more adventure to your cycling routine? Then a mountain bike, or an MTB as it is more popularly known as, is your ride for exploring though tough and difficult trails with ease. If you are looking to upgrade to an MTB, then you must be aware of the basic and essential features of an MTB which make it a great ride for adventure seekers. Read on for the features of an MTB that every novice must know about:

1. In MTB bicycles, a key feature is the suspension. Most of the MTBs from the best MTB brands in India either feature full suspension or front suspension only. The front suspension MTB bikes are also known as hardtails. The suspension in the MTB helps absorb the shocks on the difficult trails and enables riders to move onwards with greater comfort.

2. Typically, the MTBs are heavier than road bikes and hybrid bikes. This is on account of their various specs and features which add to the weight of the bicycle. The best MTB bicycle in India is also heavier in order to give cyclists better balance and control to take on the obstacles on the course.

3. While the best MTB in India will have more gears than a regular road bike or a hybrid, it will also have lower gears to climb the inclines. Cyclists can shift the gears for riding more easily on the steep inclines with the lower gears.

4. The wheels on an MTB are sturdier and often bigger than the standard road bikes. They are available in standard sizes of 27.5 inches but there can be variations for smaller and larger wheels.

5. In an MTB, the frame is generally heavier and can be made of aluminium, steel or carbon. The latter is one of the most expensive and more durable frame materials but you can swap them for the others when you are looking for an inexpensive ride.

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