When it comes to kids, parents want them to learn all the activities which keep them fit and healthy and also give them reasons to enjoy. Cycling is one such activity which is loved by children of all ages. Once you have got your child started on a bicycle for kids, you can be sure that they will be well on their way to some great fun with holistic fitness. But the first step is teaching the kids how to ride a bike. Read on to know how you can teach your little one to ride the best cycle for boys and girls in simple steps:

1.The first step is to make sure that the cycle is the right fit for your kid. Whether you buy a kids cycle online or in a retail store, make sure to measure the inseam of your child and refer it against the wheel size. Do not be tempted to buy a cycle which is several sizes bigger, hoping that the child will grow into it, as this can be dangerous.

2.Start with teaching the child to balance on the bike. If you are buying a balance bike, the child will learn in a short time frame. For regular cycles, start off the kids with training wheels for a few weeks and then remove the training wheels to give the child confidence to ride on their own.

3.Make sure you begin the practice sessions in an open ground or a flat and well-trimmed field. Never teach your child to ride a bike on a busy road or sidewalk. Teach the child to pull the brakes as soon as they see incoming traffic in their way.

4.When you start the practice session, hold the bike gently at the seat but do not hold the handlebar. By giving the child the control of the handles, you will be teaching them to steer easily and determine their route. Let the child pedal slowly and you can let go when you feel they are ready. Do not hold on to the bike the entire way. Be patient and also teach your child to not worry about falling.

5.Once your child is ready to move without your support, teach them the correct riding position. Teach them to sit upright and look ahead. Also, teach them the basic safety rules.

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