Did you learn how to cycle as a kid on the best bicycle for girl in India and then forgot all about it when you grew up? Happens to most of us. As we become adults, we take to other modes of transport and physical activity and forget all about riding a bike. But with cycling coming back in focus for being an eco-friendly and quick workout option, more and more women too are taking up cycling again on the best ladies bicycle in India. Resuming cycling after a gap of several years on a ladies bicycle in India might seem daunting, but it is not. Here are some tips from our experts to help you get back on your cycle and enjoy it every day:

1.Before you get back on your bike again, the important thing is to prepare with the right gear. And by this we mean the safety gear, such as a helmet and if you are being too cautious, elbow and knee pads as well. Safety is paramount, whether you ride regularly or if you are resuming cycling after a time lapse so strap on a helmet that fits before you hop on that saddle. It also helps to go over the road safety rules for cyclists once.

2.If you haven’t already got your old bike which you are planning to use to ride again, it is a good idea to choose the right bike which fits you well and your riding preference. Determine the best choice of cycle from the best brands depending on the roads you will be riding on, how often you’ll be riding, whether you will be riding to commute or for leisure or physical activity. The construction of the bike must also be reliable and comfortable. The handlebar of the bike must be easy for you to maneuver and choose a gear system that will suit the terrain and speed you intend to ride at.

3.Getting back in the saddle of your bike after quite some time is actually easy enough because you will not have forgotten the basics. Sit on the saddle and begin paddling at a comfortable pace. If you need some practice before you can balance properly, get someone to help you. As is advised to children, start riding in an empty parking lot before you feel confident enough to ride on the road. Practice daily with short distances and then move on to the miles you want to cover.

To get back into cycling, choose the best ladies cycle for yourself from the range offered by Kross Bikes. With reliable, safe and resilient bikes such as Gauzy, Stella, Eco, Eliza and other ladies cycles, Kross gives women the edge they need to ride on the trails with confidence.