Commuting on a road bicycle is one of the best ways to travel to places. Not only does one manage to beat the traffic, but one can also fit in a workout on the go as well. And with everyone looking to go eco-friendly, nothing like riding on the best road bikes to work towards reducing the carbon footprint. But it is the traffic part that unnerves many riders as they worry about crossing the cars and motor vehicles that are much faster and take up so much space on the road. With there being few dedicated cycle tracks in the cities, it pays for a cyclist to be street smart and wise when navigating traffic on their office commute on their road bike. Here are a few tips to help your ride smoothly on your road bike even on the busiest days:

1. Since it pays to be cautious, always step out on your bike only with the right safety gear. Don a safety helmet that fits properly and if you want, get some appropriate safety gear for every ride. Wear reflective clothing which will make your presence known to other commuters.

2. It is important to ride at a suitable speed when riding on the road. While it is okay to ride fast on empty roads, do not ride too fast and avoid injury and accidents. In heavy traffic, pedal slowly and avoid competing with other riders or automobiles.

3. It is always good etiquette for any rider to give a pass to other riders and vehicles on the road. When you need to cross someone, do so from their right side so the driver can see you in the side view mirror.

4. To indicate your presence to the other drivers and riders on the road, always indicate using a bell or hand signals. Use a horn or a bell when needed to indicate your presence or ask for a pass.

5. Always keep a safe distance between your bike and other vehicles and cycles on the road. This will prepare you when you need to break suddenly and give you enough space to stop comfortably.

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