Cycling as a leisure activity has been picking up of late as more and more people take it up as a beneficial physical activity. However, there continues to remain disparity in the numbers of men and women who ride cycles, skewed against the latter. While there could be many reasons for this, steps can be taken to make cycling a more inclusive and fun activity even for the women who want to ride a ladies bike. Here is how we can make cycling more inclusive for women:

1.    Creating a more welcoming environment: The simplest way to get more women to ride their ladies bicycle in India is to invite more women to be part of cycling groups and communities. By giving women a more comfortable environment, they an be encouraged to take up this activity which also has great benefits for their health and fitness.

2.    Generate awareness about the various benefits of cycling: As mentioned aforehand, cycling has a whole host of benefits that are specific to women. These include better physical and mental health, better fitness, great cardiovascular and muscle health, improved skin, reduced signs of ageing and more. Once women are made aware of these benefits, they will feel more convinced about taking their cycles out for a spin.

3.    Organize female-only events: Women tend to feel more encouraged with greater numbers and hence, another great way to make cycling more inclusive for women on the best ladies cycle in India is to organize events specifically for them. Races, group rides, short and long tours et al must be organized with women and in common groups that will make them feel more at ease.

4.    Get women to bond: By getting a group together of professional women cyclists and those who are just finding their way back into the world of cycling with the best bicycle for girl in India, women can be given an incentive to be more regular with cycling. When women learn from others, upping their skills, bonding, and sharing experiences, they will be more likely to continue with cycling on a more regular basis.

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