All set to take an adventurous mountain bike tour with your gang? We know you’ll have prepared adequately and gotten your gear in place, but one of the important things that most mountain bikers often forget in their prep is knowing the basics of how to fix their bike on the trail. Even in the best and smoothest of rides, you might face trouble with your mountain cycle and it is ideal that you must know how to fix your bike when on the trail if you are unable to find a mechanic close by. Here are a few things you must know to fix your bike on the trail by yourself:

1.Learn to pump the tires with adequate tire pressure. The tough mountain trails can take a toll on your bike’s tires and they may run out of air. To continue your journey without further waiting, you must know how to pump air the right way into your bike’s tires. Don’t pump too hard and place the tire on your body for support as it may damage the valve stem! Instead, place the tire on the ground and pump in line with the head of the valve.

2.If you are faced with small cuts and punctures on your tires, they can be easily repaired with tubeless sealants. Carrying a sealant in your repair kit is always a good idea when you are touring on your mountain cycle. However, do remember to cover torn sidewalls securely to prevent tires from bursting upon further riding.

3.A broken chain is among the major complaints of bikers on mountain trails. You can easily fix this if you have a multi-tool kit in your pack with a chain tool and a master link. This will help you fix the chain at any spot where it breaks.

4.Another problem faced by mountain bikers is that of broken cleats which can be a hindrance on the route. But fear not! Lost or broken cleats are easily replaced, and that too with substitutes in your own bike. The rotor bolt on your bike can easily be put in place of the lost cleat and you will be able to complete your ride easily.

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