Increasingly, more women are taking up cycling, as a leisure activity, for fitness, as well as for commute. Leading cycle companies are now also offering the best ladies bicycle in India with innovative specs. Features are being offered to give women the best experience when they ride the best bicycle for girl in India. If you are planning to resume cycling or ride a cycle for the first time, here are a few tips to help you choose your very first ladies bicycle in India:

1. Determine what purpose you will be riding the bike for and then make the choice. Different bike types are suited for different purposes, for instance, a road cycle will be ideal for commute, or if you are a professional cycling racer; a mountain bike, either unisex or ladies’, for adventure cycling; commuter bikes for commuting; comfort bikes for leisure ride, and hybrid bikes

2. Take a look at the frame material for the bike. Usually, for beginners, aluminium frames are advised as these are light, durable and sturdy. Another option is steel which is a slightly heavier option and is recommended to buy if you have prior cycling experience. For women’s cycles, it is recommended that a lighter frame is chosen which will enable them to ride better. But if you are an experienced cyclist, choose a frame you can comfortably handle.

3. Choosing one from the many different types of cycles available for women can be quite a challenge but it is important to choose one which you are most comfortable riding. As a beginner, you will need to get familiar with the kind of handlebars you want on your bike. You can choose from the drop type bars or the flare type. The former is U-shaped and found on most bikes and afford easier grip and can be used with any riding position. Flare type handlebars are far less common but preferred for more precise control when turning and are only a good choice if you are an experienced cyclist.

4. Depending on the type of trail you intend to take with your road bike, you will also need to look at the suspension of the bike. If you are using the road bike for daily commute, you might do well without suspension but if your route involves obstacles, bad roads, or uphill terrain, suspension fork in bikes is recommended.

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