When it comes to riding a cycle, women in India now have a greater choice with makers offering specific models for ladies bicycle in India. However, when it comes to riding the best ladies bicycle in India, one cause of discomfort which most women experience when on a ride is from the seating. This is why the right choice of the saddle is extremely important for women riders. However, with the availability of women-oriented saddles nowadays by leading cycle manufacturers, you can make your experience of riding the best cycle for girl in India a comfortable and easy one. Read on to know how to choose the right saddle for a ladies bicycle:

1.The choice of saddle will depend on the type of rider you are. Rather than looking for a saddle which accommodates your bottoms, look for one which is just right for your sit bones. This will ensure that when your lower body comes in contact with the saddle, you will get the right support.

2.Make sure you try the saddle out before settling on one. Sit comfortably and see if the points of the saddle discomfort you in any way when you put half your weight on the saddle and even when you put all your weight on it.

3.The type of cycle you buy will also determine the choice of saddle for a ladies bike. Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes for women usually have wider saddles to ensure greater comfort when riding in standing up position for a longer time.

4.The grooves on the saddle for a woman’s bike are much deeper and wider as compared to those for men’s bikes to ensure greater comfort and to reduce the pressure on the soft tissue when sitting on the saddle.

5.The padding of the saddle for a ladies bike should be just firm enough to give greater comfort on ling rides. Rather than gel padding which can get distorted over time, look for leather padding which is better over the long term.

6.The length of the saddle is another important consideration for choosing one for a ladies bike. Women’s saddles generally are shorter than those of men and the ideal saddle would be around 260 mm.

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