Are you a woman who enjoys cycling for leisure and fitness? Increasingly around the world and even in India, more women and girls are taking up cycling as an activity. There are many benefits that come from this activity which can be experienced by women cycling by themselves or in groups. And the experience of cycling can be made better with the helpful tips our experts have curated. Take a read at these tips for a great ride:

1. Whenever you step out for a ride, it pays to do a quick check of your bike. To enjoy your ride on a ladies bicycle in India, check your bicycle for the right tyre pressure, tight handlebars and any wires that might have strayed out from their proper position. Clean your bike well with a wet cloth or water and a dry cloth to keep it shiny and as good as new.

2. Before you get started on your ride on the best ladies bicycle in India, make sure you have all the safety gear in place. Get a helmet that fits and reflective clothing if you like to ride in the evenings or in the dark. Also be sure to follow the road rules to stay out of the way of vehicular traffic and ride safe.

3. If you travel with essentials when riding the best bicycle for girl in India, make sure you have a carrier or pannier rack in place so you don’t have to carry a backpack on your shoulders. This will distribute the weight and shift it to the bicycle without encumbering you so you can ride more easily on the road.

4. Make sure you are well fed and rested before you take a long ride. It is important that your body is fuelled before the ride so you have enough energy to pedal the distance you are intent on covering. Eat a hearty breakfast but not a very heavy one and make sure you hydrate before and during the ride.

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