Cycling is an activity which is extremely beneficial for people of all ages, especially for kids. Riding the best kids bikes, kids can not only improve their physical fitness but also enhance their confidence and social skills. Many kids not only ride the best kids bikes for fun and sport but also for commuting to their school and for getting around the neighbourhood. If you want to get your kid to ride the best kids bicycle in India and commute to school on it, here is a brief guide to teach your kids to ride safely:

1. Before your kids begin their commute, they must always know that they have to put on their safety gear. Their helmet is an absolute must. If you want to be more cautious, and avoid scrapes and injuries, also have them wear elbow and knee pads.

2. Children must also learn never to head out in a rush, which can cause them to over speed and get into scrapes. Get them into a routine where they have ample time to prepare before they head out, pick up and saddle their backpack onto the cycle, and ride at a reasonable pace to get to school in time,

3. Make sure your children know all the updated hand signals if they are riding their cycle by themselves. This will make it easier for them to let other commuters on the road know that they are on the road and need to make a turn or want people to pass them by.

4. Installing the bell on your kids’ bikes is a good move for their safety but also teach them how to use it when they are on the road. Instilling in your kids the importance of using the cycle bell at the appropriate time is important for their safety.

5. Teach your kids to give the right of way to pedestrians. They must never ride their cycles on sidewalks and when they come across people walking, must pause and let them cross.

6. If there are other kids in the neighbourhood who commute to the same school as your kids, you can have your child coordinate with them so they can ride together,

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