Are you an enthusiastic cyclist who won’t let even adverse weather get in their way? Riding a road bike is a passion for many a cyclist, and they head out even in the rains on the paved routes. However, riding a road bicycle in the rain must be done with great caution to make the most of it. To make your experience of riding the best road bikes in the rains a better one, read on for some great tips:

1.The first thing to do to prepare for riding in the rain is to get the right gear. Invest in a water- and weatherproof rain jacket to wear over your regular clothing. Make sure that the jacket is light and comfortable and does not hinder your riding. Also invest in some good gloves which will keep your hands from getting wet when riding but ensure that they are flexible and fit well to let you get a comfortable grip on the handlebars.

2.Install mudguards on your road bike if they already don’t have them. The mudguards will keep your bike’s wheels as well as your legs and feet from getting dirtied from the sludge and wet mud which will result from the rain.

3.It is important that you keep the chain of your road bike dry and free of grease in the rainy season. If your bike has been exposed to the rains, you should immediately hose it down to remove the mud and sludge and then wipe it down with a rag to clean it dry. Follow this up by applying a lubricant over the chain to ensure that the bike runs smoothly in the rains.

4.When riding out in the rain, the pressure on your tires must be reduced to a lower level to ensure that the stray sludge, pieces of muck and glass in the puddles of water do not stick to the tires. This will reduce the risk of your tires getting damaged in case of riding in heavy rains and also prevent any mishap or damage to the bicycle as well.

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