Do you own an MTB bike and want to make the most of every ride? The adventure of mountain biking is unparalleled but when you have great hacks to push you along on the trail, the thrill of the ride is even better. Read our list of some great and effective hacks for fun and seamless rides on the toughest of terrains:

1. Check the tires for the appropriate tire pressure. Poorly or inadequately inflated tires are more prone to being punctured. Make it a point to learn the right air pressure for your bike’s tires which is always indicated by the best MTB brands in India for their bikes, and fill them accordingly. Keep a small portable air pump handy at home and on your rides to replenish the tires when required.

2. Cleaning the best MTB bikes Buy bike-specific lubricant and use it in sparing quantities on the bike on all surfaces where metal touches metal. But make sure to clean the areas first for effective application and functioning.

3. If you want to ride comfortably on the best mountain bicycle in India, then check the saddle of your bike. A straight saddle will prevent you from facing body ache while also keeping you secure while riding. Adjust the saddle accordingly by balancing between your height and riding style.

4. Planning to participate in a race on your MTB bike? A simple trick is to plan beforehand by dividing the course into steps in your mind. For instance, step 1 is a cross-country track, step 2 is a bridge, step 3 is a gravel track and so on. This will make it easier to prepare yourself for the shifts in terrain and how you can pace yourself for the race.

5. You can bring more comfort to your experience of riding the best MTB bikes in India by adjusting the handlebars. A correctly-positioned handlebar can ease your posture, help you manage steering better and also give you greater control over the bike while shifting gears.

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