Buying the best bicycle for kids is a great way to get them started on the fun activity of cycling. It is the perfect cross between health and leisure, especially for kids. And many benefits it has for their health and fitness in their growing up years, it is also known to improve their social life and confidence. Benefits of riding the best cycle for boys and girls aside, you can also give your kids a fun ride by adding on some accessories to their cycle. Here is a small list of fun accessories you can get for your kids cycle online:

1.Helmets – For your kids’ safety, it is important that you invest in helmets for them when they go cycling. Even if they travel short distances on their cycle, it is always good for them to wear a helmet for the sake of precaution. Make sure to choose a size which adequately fits your child’s head and select a style that protects the head completely. You can find helmets with fun and colourful designs too that kids will love.

2.Bicycle bells – Not all kids bikes have a warning bell fitted so we recommend this small yet extremely practical accessory for the little cyclists. The simple flick bells with their shrill sounds are the most common ones and also come in versatile and varied designs for children which you can pick according to what your child likes.

3.Lights – Reflective lights are another cool safety accessory for your kids’ bike. You can choose the standard circular lights or the reflector type which glow in the dark. There are also lights which can be fitted on the wheels and are quite popular with kids.

4.Saddle packs – If your kids commute to school on their cycle, a good accessory for them would be a saddle pack. You can choose from baskets, carrier racks and bags depending on what your kid wants and what they are going to carry on the bike trip.

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