If you are someone who lives in the city or someone who enjoys the thrill of professional high speed racing, then a road bike is just the right one for you. These bikes come with specific features which make them well suited for taking on the smooth and paved roads of cities or race tracks. Professionals and amateurs alike can ride a road bike on a smooth track for the experience of adventure and leisure. For those who are new to road bicycles, here is a guide to the basic features of a road bicycle:

1. The frame of a road bicycle is extremely lightweight, as are its wheels and components. Hence, the frame material of the road bike is usually aluminium fibre or carbon fibre, both of which are more expensive but extremely lightweight and sturdy. This is in order to enable riding at high speeds on the paved routes, thus making it suitable for professional racing as well as for commuting.

2. Most road bikes have a drop or curled handlebar to offer greater convenience to the rider while they ride in a bent-down position. The drop handlebar also allows for a more aerodynamic pose while riding and hence aiding faster speeds. However, you can also find some of the best road bikes with flat handlebars, similar to that of a mountain bike, and you can choose these if you prefer a more upright stance on the bike.

3. In line with the light weight of a road bike, it will also have narrower tires and wheels. The narrower dimensions also come with smooth surfaces to decrease the rolling resistance on the road.

4. A road bicycle will also have a composite fork in the frame, which will in turn facilitate high speed riding. This is especially so in road bikes which are designed for racing as the fork has greater ability to absorb any bumps on the road.

5. Most road bicycles also do not have suspension in them. This is to reduce the overall weight of the bicycle and make it more suitable for riding faster.

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