When it comes to choosing a cycle, it is important to understand the various types of available models and which one is most suited to the particular riding style of the rider. If you want a bike that can go over hilly terrain, an MTB bike is for you. If you want a bike for commuting or racing on the smooth and paved tracks, then choose a road bike. But what if you want a bike that combines riding on hilly terrain and paved roads with equal ease? Just go for a hybrid bike in this case. As the name itself makes amply clear, a hybrid bike is a hybrid of the features of mountain and road bikes. Let us look at the features you will find in the best hybrid bicycle in India:

1.Wheels: The wheels of a hybrid bike are usually of 700c which are of average thickness, neither too thick and neither too slim, which makes them well suited for taking on varied terrain. Some hybrid bikes may also have the 26inch tires which are smaller than the 700c tires and are designed for greater emphasis on off-road biking.

2.Handlebar: In most hybrid bikes, the handlebars are positioned much higher than the seat to allow for greater comfort while riding. If, however, the rider is keen on high-speed riding, the seat can be positioned at the level or even higher than the handlebars. One can choose from the lightweight drop bars, flat bars which are extremely comfortable, riser bars which allow the rider to sit back and ride with a good eye on the route ahead, and moustache bars which allow for a variety of hand positions.

3.Bike frame: The frame in a hybrid bike is also well-suited to provide greater comfort across the trails. Most frames are made of aluminium, which is a lightweight material yet stiff and strong. However, for those who are looking for greater comfort and durability, steel and carbon fibre frames are a better option but they can be a tad expensive.

4.Gears: Hybrid bikes can have as low as one gear to as many as 30 gears. This depends on the terrain that the hybrid bike can take and also on the personal preference of the rider. For smooth roads and for commuting, a lower number of gears works while for more hilly terrain riding, it is better to choose a bike with more gears.

You can choose the best hybrid bicycle in India for yourself from the inimitable range offered by Kross Bikes. With premium specifications that make riding on off-road trails as effortless as riding on paved routes, Kross hybrids are a thrilling ride for amateur cyclists as well as seasoned riders.