Riding your MTB over a long distance to explore new destinations is a popular sport for many cyclists. If you too want to experience it and at the same time ensure that your ride is smooth and safe, take a read at our points for all you need to ride with ease:

1. Safety and protection gear: When riding the best MTB in India on a tour, given the nature of the trail, it is important to wear the proper safety and protection gear. A helmet that fits properly is the most important and you can add elbow and knee pads according to your preference and expertise in riding mountain bikes. If you are riding in the evening or late at night, a good idea would also be to wear reflective clothing so you can be visible on the trail to others and prevent mishaps.

2. Maps and GPS: Depending on the region you are riding and whether you have access to internet or Wi-Fi, you must carry along a GPS device or maps. Having a map, online or offline, will come in handy when you are charting unknown destinations and exploring new trails on the best MTB bicycle in India.

3. Repair kits: To make repairs on the route, it is essential to take along a repair kit as well. A basic kit should include a patch kit, a cycle multi-tool, an Allen wrench, spare chain links and if possible, even a portable foot pump. The best MTB brands in India may recommend certain tools which you can include in your kit.

4. First aid kit: When on the trail on the best mountain bicycle in India, do take along a basic first aid kit in your backpack. Gauze strips, cotton, a small bottle of antiseptic, bandages and small splints can be a good backup on the trail, for yourself and even for helping others on the trail.

5. Sustenance: Whether on a small trip or a long one, carrying some basic sustenance like food and drink will keep you fuelled on the road when you ride the best MTB bikes in India. Carry only as much as you can, and factor in whether the trail you are covering has any opportunity to buy food and drink when you are on the move.

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