Teaching kids how to ride a bike is a task for parents. Regardless of how young or old the child is, task is certainly cut out for the parents. But with a few simple steps, you can get your kid started on the beginning of adventure that comes in the wake of riding their own bike independently. While you can teach your kids to pedal there are some essential skills that you should teach your kids riding their bikes for the first time, so they can master the art of cycling. Read on to know about them:

  1. Balance: They key to riding a bike without falling off is to learn how to balance. Now, teaching a kid to balance on their cycle can be achieved by putting in training wheels for a few days in the beginning. You can buy these when you buy kids cycle online or also at a cycle store. Or you can start off without the training wheels entirely by teaching the kids to balance their weight evenly, first without sitting on the seat to pedal the bike and gradually, after maintaining the speed, to get seated on the saddle and continue onwards.
  2. Steering: Initially, steering on a bicycle for kids can be a bit difficult and you can help them out by putting a hand on one side while they continue to steer. Teach them how to stay straight and make turns. Once they get comfortable with the handlebars, you can let go and they should be able to find their way.
  3. Braking: Another important skill for kids to master on the best cycle for boys and girls is braking. Teach them to hit the brakes gently and never too hard, especially if they have been riding at some speed. They must also learn to put more leverage on the back brakes which will get them to stop without falling off. Another quick tip you can give them is to brake with their foot, that is, to bring their feet on the ground if they want to stop, but only if they have been cycling extremely slowly.

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