When it comes to riding the best bicycles, there is perhaps nothing that brings as many benefits as does a bike. From being a quick, cheap and efficient way to put in a workout to being an eco-friendly commute, a bicycle comes in handy. Nowadays, many people prefer to buy bicycle online as it gives them much convenience. However, when you choose a bicycle, buy online and get it delivered to your home, it needs to be assembled and fitted before you can ride it. Many people tend to take the bike package to a store but if you are handy with tools and can follow instructions, which will be provided in the instruction leaflet as well as in several videos you can find online, you can easily assemble the bike on your own. Once assembled, you can fit the bike to suit you, which will give you better performance and also reduce the chance of injuries while providing better comfort when riding the bike. If you are ready to fit your new bike on your own, here are some tips that will come in handy:

1.Adjust the saddle position and tilt. One of the easiest things to do when fitting your bike is to determine the appropriate saddle position. This can be done by measuring your inseam and multiplying the obtained figure with 0.885. This will give you the length of the top of the saddle at one end and the bottom bracket on the other. Then adjust the tilt of the saddle which will determine on your riding preference. For greater comfort, it is recommended that the nose of the saddle is tilted 1-2 degrees up.

2.The next step is to fix the handlebar height. The ideal height would depend on your riding style and if you are a recreational rider, keep the top of the handlebar level with the saddle height. If you are keen on high speed riding, keep the handlebar 5 cm below the mid-point of the saddle.

3.Fix the stem length, which is the distance that will determine how easily you are able to maneuver the brakes and the gear system on the bike while riding. A simple thumb rule is to keep the length such that with a 30 degree bend of the elbow you can easily reach the brakes on either side.

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