Are you an avid cyclist and enjoy taking your ladies bicycle in India out for a spin? Undoubtedly, riding the best ladies bicycle in India is an enjoyable exercise and brings multiple benefits in its wake. These include better overall physical health, improved cardiovascular health, better muscle tone, and enjoyment of nature’s beauty too! Riding the best bicycle for girl in India not only requires how to pedal efficiently but also the right gear and the most important among these is the safety gear. Wearing safety gear when riding a bicycle is important not jut for your safety on the road but also for that of others on the road. Here are some of the important safety gear to wear when riding a ladies bicycle in India:

1.HELMET: The most important safety gear to have when riding a bike is a helmet. A good and secure helmet will protect you against serious injury in case of a fall or an accident. When choosing a helmet, make sure that the fit is correct for you and the strap is secure. A helmet with a foam or protective inner line will give you added comfort and protection.

2.ELBOW AND KNEE PADS: To protect your limbs during a ride, you can also wear elbow and knee pads which protect, as the name suggests, the elbows and knees which get most affected in case of a fall. Look for pads which are light and easy to move your limbs in so you do not have difficulty in riding the bike while wearing them.

3.REFLECTIVE CLOTHING: If you cycle early in the morning or late in the evening, or in poor light conditions, it is a good idea to invest in reflective clothing. Generally, a jacket with reflective motifs in the form of an X signage or any other form is a good choice. You can also wear tee shirts with reflective emblems which will serve you well.

4.LIGHTS: Another important safety gear for women who ride their bikes in low light conditions such as during dawn, evening or night, are lights. These will indicate your presence to other commuters on the road and prevent them from hitting you.

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