Getting ready for a ride on your MTB bike is undeniably exciting. But as much as prepping for the ride is important, equally important is having the right clothing. Since every type of cycling is different, clothing for riding an MTB cycle is no doubt different as well. If you are wearing the right clothing when riding the best MTB cycle, your riding experience will be a whole lot different and much more enjoyable too. Here’s a guide on what to wear and what not to wear on your MTB bike ride:

1.At the very outset, the basic clothing guide for any cyclist is that they should avoid wearing clingy and tight clothes on off road trails. If you are shopping for new clothing and gear, find things that fit you just right rather than compromising on the wrong fits which can make you very uncomfortable on the trail.

2.When it comes to shopping for essential clothing for a ride on your MTB cycle, you will need specialized shorts which allow for easy movement of the legs. Additional features in the shorts include a padded crotch liner which will reduce the friction and moisture, reducing any discomfort on a ling ride.

3.Form-fitting shorts are preferable if you are looking or muscle support when riding an MTB bike. However, if this is not your priority, aerodynamic baggy shorts also work well for a ride.

4.When it comes to choosing a jersey for an MTB bike ride, look for something which is close fitting but not clingy. For more gravity-oriented clothing, opt for something which is still looser. If you are riding in an area with a lot of flora, you can choose a jersey with fuller sleeves to protect against the brushes and branches. For summers, a lightweight sleeveless jacket will also work well.

5.For rainy and cold weather biking, it is recommended that you also have a mountain biking jacket. Specialized jackets for mountain biking are different from other styles in that they are made from more durable materials to withstand the tougher riding conditions. If you are buying a jacket with a hood, make sure the hood fits comfortably over a helmet.

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