Are you a keen cyclist who prefers taking long tours on their road bike? Then to make the most of your tour it is imperative that you choose one of the best road bikes which will let enjoy your experience. Just read this guide to help you choose the right road bicycle for touring on the trails you love:

1.Since you are going to go touring over a long distance, it is important that the road bike you choose gives you maximum comfort. At the same time, the bike must be able to handle the heavy load of your luggage and backpack which you will take along when you go touring. Hence, look for a bike in which the wheelbase, the horizontal distance between the front and the rear wheels of the bike, is longer than that in a conventional bike. The longer wheelbase allows for better manoeuvring of the bike and steering along the route while also enhancing the stability and load-carrying capacity.

2.A durable bike is what you need to go touring, hence you need to choose a bike with a frame that is reliable. Steel frames are one of the preferred and strongest materials chosen for touring road bikes. Steel is sturdy and doesn’t break easily but even if it does face extensive damage, it can be easily repaired through welding.

3.For touring bikes, wheelsets must be strong for which there must be additional spokes on the wheel as compared to regular bikes. For a touring bike, it is recommended that you choose a bike with at least 32 spokes in the wheel. If you are planning on long-distance touring over days and with significantly heavier loads, look for at least 36 spokes in the bike wheels.

4.Depending on the surface that you will be covered when you go touring, you should also choose the appropriate wheel and tire tread. If you plan on sticking to paved routes, the standard 700c wheels are a good fit but if the route you are covering has dirt tracks and remote locations, you can also choose bikes with smaller 650b or 26-inch wheels. The tread on these wheels must not have big knobs and a simple traction pattern is ideal for smooth roads.

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