Buying the first cycle for kids is an event of great excitement for any family. No matter how old the child is, there is much thought involved and some fanfare too. After all, starting off on something new is always a matter of celebration. But choosing a new cycle for your kid is also a matter that requires careful consideration since it is all about balancing fun and comfort for the child. If you are buying a cycle for your kid for their initiation into cycling, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose the appropriate size of bike when selecting the first cycle for your child. The size of the kids’ bike in simple terms refers to the size of the wheel of the bike. This in turn is measured by the size of the frame, and the best kids bike frame is smaller than that of adults, except in the case of kids in the higher teens who can also ride adult cycles.

2. There is often a general size, age, height guide which is used to choose a cycle for kids. To know the right bike size for your kid, measure the inseam of the child’s leg, match it to their height and choose the right wheel size.

3. Another factor to keep in mind when selecting the first cycle for your kids is the weight of the cycle. Especially if your kids are young, choose a bike which is light in weight and easy for the kid to handle.

4. If possible, then take your kid for a test ride on the bike before you buy it. Dealers of the best kids bicycle in India will let your kid try the bike on for size and comfort before you make the final selection.

5. When selecting the best cycle for kids, also check if they are able to comfortably handle the brakes on the cycle. The brakes must neither be too hard nor too loose, allowing for easy grip when the child is cycling.

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